USA Shipping Rates
(Outside The USA Please Contact Me For Rates)

1 Bottle  =  5.00            All USA orders are shipped
2 Bottles =  6.00            USPS Priority Mail unless
3 Bottles =  7.00            other arrangements are made.
4 Bottles =  8.00            
5 Bottles =  9.00            Orders outside the USA will
6 Bottles = 10.00            be Airmail or Ecomony - your choice

More than 6 Bottles Add .50 for each additional bottle
Some ceramics are higher and do not follow this scale.
All bottles listed for sale on this site are for collectible purposes only.
Most of the bottles contain alcohol but the contents are not meant to be consumed.
Anyone wishing to purchase a collectible bottle that contains alcohol must provide proof that they are at least 21 years of age.
Any and all information I collect will be used solely by me and will never be given out to a 3rd party.